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Why the MS GSCM at UAA?

Why the University of Alaska Anchorage:

In Alaska, we understand the challenges of logistics and global supply chain management. Anchorage, Alaska is approximately nine and a half hours flight time from 90% of the the world’s industrialized centers. Anchorage’s Ted Stevens International Airport is one of the busiest cargo airports in the world. It also benefits from the most liberal international air cargo transfer options allowed anywhere in the United States.

Alaska is rich in natural resources, including petroleum, natural gas, minerals, timber, and fisheries. In a state famous for our Ice Road Truckers and Deadliest Catch fishermen, Alaska faces logistics challenges in weather, geography, and transportation infrastructure that is unparalleled in most of the world. The University of Alaska Anchorage works hand-in-hand with those conquering the challenges of Alaskan supply chain management and its connection to the rest of the world.

Alaska is also poised to become an important hub in Arctic shipping as polar sea ice continues to melt and arctic shipping lanes increase. The MS GSCM program is working in partnership with the Arctic Domain Awareness Center (ADAC), a Department of Homeland Security Center of Excellence hosted by the University of Alaska, allowing for MS students to get a first-hand look at the most current research and innovative technology related to situational awareness and crisis response in the challenging and growing world of Arctic transportation.

What Makes the Program Unique:

The Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management (MS GSCM) program at the University of Alaska Anchorage is 100% online and designed for working professionals around the world, allowing you to take the course from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Because there are weekly assignment deadlines and no required course times, the MS program works with your schedule while allowing you the opportunity to build a network of professional peers across the globe through interactions with classmates and leading industry professionals.

All courses in the MS GSCM program are highly interactive and include: multiple opportunities to interact in meaningful ways with industry experts, a rich variety of supply chain management games and simulations, and continuous opportunities to analyze supply chain management topics in real settings and share your results with your peers.

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The UAA MS in Global Supply Chain Management program is one of the small handful of AACSB accredited graduate programs in supply chain management that is 100% online.

Universal Design:

No matter what your learning accommodation, the online class environment of the MS GSCM program is designed with you in mind, especially regarding levels of physical or learning ability. We also offer learning environment options for students who find themselves in online low bandwidth situations, such as when students travel to remote locations for work and have minimal to no internet connectivity. Finally, although the classes are taught in English, we are working to develop teaching materials that can easily be translated into students’ native languages.