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Coal Ship in Seward Alaska

Faculty are engaged in cutting-edge research and scholarship as well as professional consultation throughout Alaska and the world. Whether your interest is in entry-level operations, mid-level management, or executive leadership we have the logistics and supply chain program to meet your career goals.

Logistics in Alaska: Large, Diverse and Challenging

Sorting in Anchorage FedEx Facility Alaska, with its great size, abundant resources and strategic locale, is a hub of multi-modal logistics activity. As a logistical gateway to the United States, Alaska plays a prominent role in the nation’s flow of international trade.

Anchorage, the state’s largest city, is positioned along the great circle route for U.S.-Asia air cargo. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is within 9.5 hours flying time of 90% of the industrialized world. It is one of the world’s busiest cargo airports and benefits from the most liberal air cargo transfer options allowed anywhere in the United States.

The great circle route for ocean vessels, traveling the world’s busiest shipping lanes between U.S. West Coast and Asian ports, passes through or near the Aleutian Islands archipelago. Alaska’s waters are some of the most challenging in the world and several carriers in Alaska’s trade lanes use specially designed vessels to deal with nature’s challenges.

Alaska is a state rich in resources including petroleum, natural gas, minerals, and timber as well as the most expansive, diverse and efficiently managed fishery in the world.

As a major tourist destination, the world’s largest and most opulent cruise ships ply its coastlines and dock at its ports. The Alaska Marine Highway manages the nation’s most expansive network of ferries for the purpose of tourism and connecting many of Alaska’s water-locked coastal communities.