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The MS GSCM Curriculum

When does the program start?

Every fall semester.

How long does it take to complete the program?

Five semesters. It takes twenty months to complete the program, including one summer semester.

How many students are in each class?

The MS GSCM program maintains small class sizes with only 25 students in every class.

What does the academic program look like?

To graduate from the UAA Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management program, students must complete the following six-credit courses:

  • LOG A661 Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management: Applications and Strategy

    Provides an overview of logistics and supply chain management through real-world examples. Explores best practices in: inbound, internal and outbound logistics; the flow of goods, information, finances and communication in global supply chains; and supply chain strategy, with an emphasis on analysis of global supply chains of all sizes.

  • LOG A662 Supply Chain Technology and Systems

    Provides an overview of information flows and systems, supply chain planning systems, tools for supply chain execution and facilitation, supply chain technology uses and considerations, and innovations in supply chain management. Also provides an opportunity to observe and participate in real world examples of supply chain technology and systems applications.

  • LOG A663 The Role of Global Supply Chain Management in International Trade

    Introduces international trade agreements, market entry strategies, regulations and best practices needed for international market entry, global market operations requirements and considerations, options for the global movement of goods, and global strategy considerations. Emphasizes the importance of strategic analysis in international supply chain contexts.

  • LOG A664 Leadership Principles and Management Skills for Global Supply Chain Managers

    Provides a framework for understanding management and leadership, themselves, emotional intelligence, workplace relationships, teams, communication, conflict, difficult people, means of self-management, and managing and leading others in a global supply chain environment. Also provides application tools for managing interpersonal relationships in the supply chain.

  • LOG A665 Quantitative and Financial Performance Metrics for Global Supply Chain Management

    Provides an overview of supply chain performance metrics, intelligent systems, and their roles in supply chain decision making. From a supply chain manager's decision-making perspective. Includes analysis and evaluation of financial statements, cost accounting, multiple factors that impact cost in the supply chain.

Each course is divided into five modules and is conducted via distance learning. Assignments are due weekly but may be completed at any time within the week.

Students complete the five required courses in a cohort of peers, building contacts with fellow students and supply chain management leaders from around the world during the 20-month program.

How do the online courses work?

Classes are conducted 100% online through Blackboard, the learning management system used by the University of Alaska Anchorage. Five 6-credit courses are conducted one-at-a-time over five consecutive semesters. Courses are built around readings, video viewings, discussion board posts, comments to other students’ posts, audio threads, photo or video posts, quizzes, short essay assignments, research assignments, multiple real-time interactions with industry experts, peer-to-peer presentations, group presentations, final exams using a remote proctoring system, and gaming simulations.

All courses are broken up into five modules, with assignments due every week. There are no online class times and students are not required to be online at the same time. However, they must meet weekly deadlines when submitting their coursework. There will also be many opportunities for students to have real-time interactions with industry experts.

Most courses are taught by multiple professors and instructors who are industry and/or academic experts in a variety of supply chain management fields. Students who have immediate questions regarding course content or need additional help will be able to communicate with instructors in real time using FaceTime, Skype, discussion boards, VoiceThread, and Google Docs.

Do I ever need to come to the campus during the program?

No! You may take your exams on campus if your live near an approved UAA Testing Center. Otherwise, you must take all exams online using a remote proctoring system.