Dean's Student Advisory Board

The College of Business and Public Policy continually strives to engage students with our programs, services, and community partners. Our Student Advisory Board provides ideas and feedback to the Dean regarding multiple facets of the College’s operations, including:
  • Program and Curriculum Offerings
  • Technology
  • Policies
  • Career-related Options
  • Social and Networking Opportunities
  • Outreach

The purpose of the Student Advisory Board is to provide the College of Business and Public Policy undergraduate and graduate students with the opportunity to have a voice.

Get Involved. Make a Difference.

Student Advisory Board Members [2018-19]

Undergraduate Members

  • Amanda Allard

    Amanda Allard

    Amanda Allard is an Honors Scholar double majoring in Business Management and Marketing with a minor in Communication planning to graduate in December 2019. Ms. Allard is the President of Alaska's National Society of Leadership and Success and a 2018-2019 Tom Case Leadership Fellow as well as the Treasurer and Club Council Representative for the UAA Management & Marketing Club. Amanda previously held the positions of Fundraising Chair and Treasurer for the UAA NSLS. Additionally, Amanda was the Tribal Representative for the Coquille Indian Tribe at the Emerging Native Leader’s Summit July, 2018.

    Ms. Allard is looking forward to working her way towards a C-suite position upon graduation, as well as achieving her personal goals of becoming a member of the Board of Directors for the Alaska Sealife Center and getting her private piloting license. Amanda enjoys volunteering for the Sealife Center Gala as well as the Alaska Food Bank and the Young Professionals Group Summit. Her long term goal is to use her degrees, skills, and experiences to help our community in any way she can. She also immensely enjoys salmon fishing, hiking, and watching movies.

  • Miles Apatiki

    Miles Apatiki

    Miles is a Business Administration major in his second year of college at UAA. Miles comes from Gambell, Alaska on St. Lawrence Island. Gambell has a population of approximately 700 people. He is a first-generation college student. Miles grew up as the youngest child of 6 until his little sister came along 12 years later.

    Miles has been working within the community of Anchorage since 2005 with a focus in Customer/Client Services. He spent 8 years in several managerial roles at the Midtown Walmart. The next phase in Miles’ path brought him to Wells Fargo where he learned about Finances as a Teller then Lead Teller. Today, Miles works a Sales Support Specialist for the locally owned company Northern Office Supply.

    Miles is a charismatic individual that is liked by many. One of his redeeming qualities is that he is approachable and receive new acquaintances very well. Miles has many friends and is very memorable to those that are new in his life. His ability to work in diverse situations has helped maintain open mindedness and grow his connections.

    Over the years, Miles has learned that he has a knack for helping people understand policies and procedures set in place by corporations or their places of employment. He helps them work on their growth as individuals and employees. This type of work has inspired Miles to pursue a degree in the CBPP with UAA. His goal is to utilize his degree to attain a role within the banking industry to better help and develop people to fully reach their potential and goals.

  • Geser Bat-Erdene

    Geser Bat-Erdene

    Geser Bat-Erdene is a senior majoring in Finance and minoring in French. Born in Erdenet, Mongolia, Geser moved to Alaska in 2014 for UAA to pursue higher education in the U.S. thanks to the Sister City Agreement that his hometown has with the State of Alaska. He is actively involved in student life on campus and is the first international student to serve as the student body president. English is his fourth language in addition to Mongolian, Russian, and Japanese.

    During his tenure at UAA, he was a part of multiple organizations and programs that the institution offers. Starting from his service at the USUAA Student Government, he was selected as a mentor for the Seawolf Success Program, a member of the Chancellor’s League, a member of the Emerging Leaders Program. He is also involved in community organizations such as the Society of Financial Service Professionals, the Alaska World Affairs Council, and was selected as a school program lecturer for the Consular Office of Japan in Anchorage. By recognizing the need for raising awareness about Mongolia-Alaska relations, in 2015 he founded an organization called Mongolian Students Society that in its short existence played an integral part in co-hosting and organizing a number of events and meetings not only for students but for the community members as well.

    Geser finds great value in education, teamwork, and networking opportunities. He believes that one could succeed anywhere when is truly dedicated and patiently works hard to reach the set goals.

  • Alexander Jackstadt

    Alexander Jackstadt

    Alexander Jackstadt is a senior at the University of Alaska, Anchorage pursuing a degree in Economics and a minor in Computer Information Systems. Alex currently works as a research and teaching assistant for the Economics Department in the College of Business and Public Policy at UAA.

    Alex believes in helping others, by improving policies using quantitative analysis and economic reasoning.

    He is an accomplished leader with 20+ years’ experience in hockey and team management techniques.

    A core value to Alex is hard work, which can be seen through his achievements in athletics and in the classroom. Alex was fortunate to letter three times in division 1 hockey for UAA while maintaining a 4.0 gpa and serving as an officer on the student athletic advisory committee. Alex has become a highly-valued research and teaching assistant who maintained regular hours during which he regularly explained complex statistical and economic principles clearly and concisely to students.

    As a lifelong Alaskan, Alex is excited for the future of the state and for new opportunities that await. Today Alex is working for a deeper understanding of economics and how changes in economic incentives affect behavior. Although Alex still has one semester to go before, he graduates it is easy to see him working as a business economist, an advisor to government agencies or on the staff of the Federal Reserve.

    Alex decided to join the Dean’s Student Advisory Board because of his interest to gain more knowledge about leadership and promote the wellbeing of CBPP students.

  • Jordan Kesler

    Jordan Kesler

    My name is Jordan Kesler and I am an accounting major at the University of Alaska Anchorage, College of Business and Public Policy. I am in my senior year and plan to start working on my Certified Public Accounting license next summer. My interest in accounting and business started in high school when I took a restaurant management/culinary class, ProStart. I learned how to design a business from scratch. This inspired not only my business interest, but it gave me a passion for the hospitality and tourism industry.

    My long-term goal is to work as a CPA for about 5 years, then transition to a career in the Alaska tourism and hospitality industry. My vision is to make a positive impact on people traveling to our great state. Every year, Alaska sees almost two million travelers pass through for a great experience, spending buckets of money along the way. There is abundant potential for business and making people smile in the Alaska tourism industry. In my limited free time, I love to cook new things, hike tall mountains, and travel places I have not been. Words people use to describe me include organized, focused, and detail-oriented.

  • Lutfi Lena

    Lutfi "Louie" Lena

    Lutfi “Louie” Lena is the President of Finance & Investments Club (FNIC) at the University of Alaska Anchorage (UAA) who plans to graduate with a Bachelors in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance in spring 2019 from the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF).

    Throughout his studies, Louie has focused on the application of investment management. As a Portfolio Manager of the UAF Student Investment Fund, he acquired skills in using a Bloomberg Terminal and demonstrated leadership serving as team leader for the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Research Challenge where he had the opportunity to put his skills to the test as an equity analyst. That experience prepared Louie for an internship with the State of Alaska Department of Revenue (DoR) in which he worked closely with the Treasury Division Portfolio Management Team as a State Investment Officer. The internship allowed Louie to build his professional skill set, gaining exposure to managing four different asset classes: public and private equity, fixed income, and real assets.

    Louie is spending his final year at UAA, taking initiative by becoming the leader of the FNIC working to improve the educational experience for finance students. Before graduating, Louie’s goal is to work as a student advocate alongside faculty to develop a plan for an improved investment curriculum to give Alaskan students more experiences to prepare them for professional careers in finance.

    When not learning about investment management, Louie enjoys exploring the world around him. The range of activities that he finds fascinating have no limit and largely values learning from others with different passions – a hiker, sailor, reader of classic literature, and an enthusiastic critic to many critically acclaimed films.

  • Stella Mabala

    Stella Mabala

    Stella Mabala is a senior, working on a BBA in Accounting in the College of Business and Public Policy at the University of Alaska Anchorage. She hopes to become a Certified Management Accountant and find employment with the United States Air Force in order to pay forward the opportunities her family has received from them over the years.

    A love of numbers and the logical ways that are used to get to the right answer sparked her initial interest in accounting. Stella’s goal is to pursue a career in private or governmental accounting.

    As a military spouse, she has learned the value of hard work, efficiency, and attention to detail.

    Stella is an active member of the UAA Accounting Club, serving on the Board as the Internship and Scholarship Coordinator, as well as assisting the Accounting Tutoring Lab Coordinator.

    When Stella is not calculating debits and credits, she enjoys baking pound cakes and reading historical novels in addition to being an aspiring quilter (theoretically).

  • Matthew Vincent

    Matthew Vincent

    Matthew Vincent is currently enrolled in the BBA Business Management Degree program with a concentration in Real Estate and Property Management. He began going to University of Alaska, Anchorage in August 2014 as a high school student to get a head start on his college degree. He has a strong interest in the study of Economic Trends in markets and plans to use his knowledge he learns at UAA to find work as an analysis or in the world of Real Estate when he graduates in May of 2020.

    Over the summer of 2018, he was an intern for Regal North Commercial and had his first taste of what his potential career could be in Commercial Real Estate. Matthew was able to attend private events, network with working professionals, and become known for his talents in Real Estate and Business. Since then, Matthew has pursued more opportunities to work in Real Estate as he pays his way through school. Matthew will be earning his Real Estate License in the Spring of 2019 in order to give himself more opportunities for his Career.

    Some achievements that Matthew has accomplished include earning the rank Eagle Scout in January of 2016. Showing his dedication to commitment and being responsible for his future, Matthew was also able to earn the Alaska Performance Scholarship when he Graduated from IDEA homeschool in the spring of 2017.

    When Matthew is not working or at the University, he likes to spend his time outside in the great state of Alaska. Hiking, canoeing, and camping are only a few of the actives he likes to do when he wants to relax. Matthew’s favorite area to be at is up at Eklutna Lake. Other hobbies of his include Photography and watching Netflix, something most students can appreciate.

    Matthew continues to grow in his personal and professional lives every day. Every failure to him is only an opportunity to learn how not to do something. He continues to keep a sound mind even in the midst of stressful situations. Matthew will always be dedicated to his job, he will use creative thinking to find better ways to accomplish goals, strive to meet all his deadlines, and keep his promises.

  • Joshua Kouhei Watanbe

    Joshua Kohei Watanbe

    Joshua “Kohei” Watanabe is senior at the University of Alaska Anchorage majoring in Economics. His interest in Economics began when he took a few Economics classes that really “clicked” with him. Originally from Narita, Japan, he moved to Alaska in 2003 and has been there ever since.

    During his four years at UAA, he has had the pleasure of participating in many diverse opportunities around the university. This includes participating in many club activities, mentoring in the (UAA) Multicultural Center’s “Seawolf Success Program”, and being a teaching assistant his final year.

    Kohei aspires to a career within the realm of international Economics and Business. He hopes to find opportunities that will allow him to visit other countries and use his knowledge of Economics.

    During his free time, he enjoys the outdoors, playing sports, and traveling.

  • Nathanial Shoya Watanbe

    Nathanial Shoya Watanbe

    Born in Japan but raised in Alaska, I am a Digital Analyst at Spawn Ideas. Growing up in Alaska, I have managed to understand the Alaskan culture as well as keep my international identity.

    I graduated in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in economics and a Bachelor of Business Administration in finance, spanning 3.5 years, totaling 153 credit hours.

    My interests align in the understanding and interpretation of data. Many businesses today have access to an unending source of information, but don’t have a method to analyze it. Through my coursework and various skill sets developed as an undergrad at the University of Alaska Anchorage, I am able to mold data into a beneficial and comprehensive format for interpretation. Such skill sets include forecasting & predictive modeling, A/B testing, and regression analysis.

    I find it very important to maintain and develop skills that can be used in the ever-changing field of data analysis. Using statistical software packages & coding languages for personal projects is a method that helps me understand & learn newer developments in data science.

  • Brandi White

    Brandi White

    Brandi White was born and raised near Syracuse, NY. She received a B.A. in English Writing Arts from Oswego State University. In 2004 Brandi moved to Anchorage, Alaska shortly after graduating college and accepted a position in the accounting department at Spenard Builders Supply. She discovered that “ticking and tying” invoices was similar to editing articles, something she did a lot of in journalism classes. Brandi decided to pursue this newfound interest by taking classes at UAA to gain the foundational knowledge necessary to change her originally chosen career path.

    Brandi currently works at the Alaska Energy Authority where she has been for seven years. She has recently been promoted to Senior Accountant. Brandi received a scholarship from the Institute of Managerial Accountants to take the CMA exam, which she plans to complete upon graduating in the Spring of 2019. Her goal is to someday own her own coffee and ice cream business that she can manage as a family business. She has long had a dream of owning a family oriented business that brings happiness to the community.

    When Brandi is not working or in class she enjoys hiking with her boyfriend, helping her 5-year old build LEGOs, constantly reheating her coffee, and attempting to cook dinner if she remembered to take the meat out of the freezer.

Graduate Members

  • Loreen Davis
    Loreen Davis

    Loreen Davis, currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management in the College of Business & Public Policy at the University of Alaska Anchorage, has a wide variety of experience in both the private and public sectors. Loreen’s passion of learning, resulting in various degrees, has given her the opportunity to work in the chemical industry, nursing and business. Presently she is working part-time in Enrollment Services, at the University of Alaska Anchorage with her primary focus on international students.

    Finding ways to creatively overcome obstacles that hinder or prevent accomplishment of the goal is a challenge Loreen embraces. She believes it is necessary to look at the big picture and be a detective to root out the true cause when solving problems. In her current position she has been a driving force in revising the policy regarding health insurance for international students.

    With her background in public policy, both through work and education, her Bachelor of Business Administration, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, her knowledge of business analytics and business intelligence and the degree Loreen is currently pursing it is her desire to work in the transportation industry. Her interests lie in governmental regulations, transportation security, transportation social responsibility and methods of improvement for transporting goods.

    During her most recent time at UAA Loreen has acquired her Green Belt in Lean Six Sigma, won the Garth N. Jones Writing Award at the College of Business and Public Policy, participated in the Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration (NASPAA) Batten Student Simulation Competition held internationally at key locations and was the Secretary for the Global Logistics Association during the 2013-2014 academic year.

    Loreen also has interned at both the Municipality of Anchorage’s Mayors Office and the Port of Alaska. Although involved in many projects, her time spent at the Mayor’s Office culminated in a public presentation for the Anchorage Library. While at the Port Loreen was instrumental in the revision of the Port’s tariff (a 200-page legal document).

    Any time Loreen has left over is filled with riding her Harley and her involvement in the motorcycle community. She also became a proud “puppy parent” in September 2018.

  • Eva Ulukivaiola

    Eva Ulukivaiola

    Eva Ulukivaiola is a first-generation college student that graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage with her Bachelor of Arts in Economics in December of 2017. She has since returned to UAA and is working towards earning a Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management. Currently, Eva is employed at the university as a Graduate School Assistant for Student Life & Leadership, and her passion for improving the student experience through on-campus involvement has contributed to her goal of working in Student Affairs after she graduates. Eva has always been an active student on-campus; in her undergraduate career she served as a Senator in USUAA Student Government, the Vice President of the Economics Club, mentored six first-generation students in UAA Student Support Services and is an Alumna of Alpha Sigma Alpha sorority. Even after graduating, Eva has still found ways to be involved: such as serving as the Graduate School Delegate for USUAA Student Government and as a member of the Student Advisory Board for the College of Business and Public Policy.