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  1. Secure Financial Sustainability

    The College of Business and Public Policy is facing a challenging budget climate and has developed the following goals to secure financial stability.

    1. Meet financial challenges through cost-cutting activities.

      1. Improve efficiency in course scheduling
      2. Improve the organization of instructional and functional areas. Make changes to CBPP’s organizational structure
    2. Increase enrollment through various promotional efforts.

      1. Collaborate with Anchorage School District (ASD) and UAA’s Alaska Middle College (AMCS) on events that will build awareness around CBPP
      2. Increase the number of international students
    3. Increase collaborative opportunities with external constituencies.

      1. Develop fundraising opportunities with external constituencies to raise awareness and scholarship funds
      2. Start a “naming” of CBPP campaign with a $15 million target
      3. Explore and assess an integrative approach to bring more Alaska Native students to CBPP
  2. Forge Community Partnerships And Collaborations

    The College of Business and Public Policy will build and strengthen local, regional, and statewide partnerships and collaborations.

    Community partnerships are key to CBPP’s continued and increased relevance in the business community.

    By being responsive to the needs of local employers, CBPP will continue to prepare business professionals and leaders who can be strong contributors to the local economy.

    Partners include local and global businesses and industry, community organizations and state government committees, K-12 schools, military and federal government (including JBER), other UAA Colleges, and other higher education institutions in Alaska and the Lower 48.

    1. Strengthen relationships with local and statewide K-12 schools by improving the pipeline between the schools and CBPP.

      1. Collaborate with school districts to market, recruit, and support students via new and current engagement activities
      2. Faculty directly recruit through either face-to-face or virtual events
    2. Enhance collaborations with local, regional, statewide, and national employers to prepare CBPP students for the professional workplace.

      1. Leverage and grow existing programs and establish new ones
      2. Expand students’ knowledge, enhance community relationships, establish dialogue between UAA and the community on topics
    3. Contribute to economic development by becoming a driving force for innovation and entrepreneurship in Alaska through collaboration with local and statewide business leaders.

      1. Establish a Business Plan Competition for UAA students
      2. Expand participation in the Business Plan Competition
  3. Foster Student Success

    The College of Business and Public Policy is dedicated to fostering success for its undergraduate and graduate students. To foster student success, CBPP will work collaboratively with integrity, impact, and innovation.

    1. Strengthen Teacher - Student - College Relationships to develop a community.

      1. Increase and recognize student voices, competencies, and recognition
      2. Create more faculty and student interaction through student clubs
    2. Develop innovative, relevant, and flexible curriculum and programs that prepare students for current workforce demands.

      1. Increase faculty and staff participation in professional development
      2. Increase faculty research productivity by supporting conference travel, data acquisition, and by rewarding scholarship.
      3. Enhance industry engagement and actively solicit new ideas for programs and curriculum changes that address business needs
      4. AoL: 1) improve the process for effectiveness & efficiency and 2) engage and educate (E&E) faculty
  4. Cultivate a Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging Environment

    The College of Business and Public Policy will build overall awareness of DEI&B with a focus on strengthening its engagement with the Alaska Indigenous peoples. The College sits on the traditional and unceded lands of the Eklutna Dena’ina people and serves students, communities, and businesses from and working on the traditional lands of Dena’ina Athabascan, Ahtna Athabascan, Alutiiq/Sugpiak, Eyak, Yup’ik, Inupiaq, Tlingit, and numerous other first peoples of Alaska.

    1. Heighten student diversity and inclusion awareness

      1. Integrate DEI&B topics into the current CBPP curriculum
      2. Increase the number of students taking Alaska Native Business courses
      3. Fund Alaska Native student-specific scholarships
    2. Increase DEI&B scholarship & Activities

      1. Encourage faculty to conduct research in this area (DEI or Alaska Native)
      2. Encourage faculty & staff to develop DEI activities
    3. Create opportunities for stakeholders to enhance their DEI&B knowledge & involvement

      1. Create a method to maintain CBPP’s DEI&B involvement at college and university level
      2. Increase faculty and staff DEI&B awareness with a focus on Alaska Native
      3. Increase partnerships with Alaska Native corporate entities and leaders in the Alaska Native community
      4. Increase awareness of the ANCSA story and provide topic specific education to Alaska Native corporate entities