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Investing in Excellence

Whether you are considering your first gift to the College of Business and Public Policy, give faithfully year-in and year-out or want to make a significant gift of your assets, we are delighted that you have remembered CBPP in your giving plans. Private giving is essential for ongoing growth and development of CBPP programs. We appreciate the investment you are making in the mission of the College and to educate tomorrow's leaders. 

We are happy to work with you to fit your desires as a donor with the College's priorities and to help you maximize the impact your gift--large or small--can make on the College.

Funding Priorities

The College is currently committed to raising funds to establish CBPP at the forefront of business education in the Northwest. Our fundraising focus is on professorships and faculty chairs, student scholarships, and program support in the areas of entrepreneurship, experimental economics, and finance.

  • Professorships, Department Chairs

    Endowed professorships and faculty chairs increase the capacity to meet student and work force needs. Endowed chairs are proven catalysts for transformation and achievement. They attract and support extraordinary teachers and researchers who generate new collaborations and student opportunities. Priority areas for faculty chairs and professorships are in Accounting, Business, and the Institute of Social and Economic Research (ISER).

  • Student Scholarships

    Attracting top level undergraduate and graduate students is a priority in CBPP. Student support will help many talented and deserving young people succeed. Any person may establish a student scholarship fund or contribute to existing scholarships.

  • Program Support

    The College has established the Excellence in CBPP Fund to help departments and programs meet student and community needs. Gifts to this fund provide resources, such as equipment, speakers, student research, conferences/travel, innovative program opportunities. Support to the College can be designated for a specific department or program or for the area of greatest need, identified by the College.

  • Student and Faculty Opportunities

    Support special, one-time events for students and faculty. Funds for student travel to compete in regional contests, hosting “meet and greet” sessions for students to meet business leaders, and providing funds for a major speaker in Anchorage are just a few examples of the opportunities private donations can provide.

    Please contact Laurie Evans-Dinneen at (907) 786-4189 for information about supporting the College of Business and Public Policy, or make a gift right now through the UAA Office of Development. The UA Foundation will send you a receipt for your tax records.