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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is property management?

Property management involves the marketing, maintenance, and financial management of income-producing real estate to maximize its investment value to the owner. The industry can primarily be broken down into either commercial (where people work and conduct business) or residential (where people live) properties. If it is leased or rented, it has a property manager facilitating the lease agreement, working with the tenants, and managing the owner’s interests. Common income-producing properties that involve real estate management include apartments, office buildings, retail centers, medical facilities, and warehouses.

What kind of career opportunities are there?

The Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program at CBPP was initially introduced and funded by a $4 million dollar contribution from a property management company that understands the need for qualified, professional graduates in this field of study. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an additional 18,400 positions between 2010 and 2020, and with only a handful of colleges in the nation offering degrees specific to this field, the demand for these graduates should continue to be strong into the future.

Is it a 4-year degree?

Yes! The Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program at CBPP is a concentration under the BBA Management degree. It is a 4-year degree program with focused curriculum to ensure that students are prepared for career opportunities upon graduation.

Can I double major?

Yes! Because the program is under the BBA Management degree, students can declare double majors with any other BBA degree including Accounting, Marketing, Finance, Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Management Information Systems, or Economics. And, because every BBA requires common GERs and business core curriculum, with intentional planning of your electives, double majors can be earned with relatively few additional courses.

Are there internships?

Yes! In fact, internships are encouraged for this program with up to six-credit hours counting toward your degree. Internships are paid and can be offered in-state or throughout the country.