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Program Curriculum

Dedicated Curriculum

The cornerstone of every degree program is the combination and offering of courses that integrate together and compound upon one another to inspire true learning.

The Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program at CBPP offers a 4-year BBA Management degree with a concentration in Property Management and Real Estate.

This 120-credit degree is composed of General Education Requirements, completed by all UAA students; CBPP Core Requirements, completed by all Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) students; and Program Requirements, completed by all students enrolled in the Property Management and Real Estate Concentration.

This combination of course offerings ensures that students are presented with a strong foundation of math, writing, communications, and sciences; a breadth of business acumen including economics, finance, computer information systems, and accounting; as well as focused curriculum in property management leasing, maintenance, finance, and real estate law.

View the current UAA Course Catalog for information on General Education Requirements and CBPP Core Requirements for all Bachelor of Business Administration degrees.

CBPP's Student Advising Center can help answer questions regarding registration, degree requirements, and course enrollment.


Program Requirements

In addition to GER requirements and CBPP core requirements, the following courses are required for the program.

BBA Management: Property Management and Real Estate Concentration (33 Credits)

  • A. Complete the following requirements
  • BA A215
    Introduction to Property Management
  • BA A225
    Leasing in Property Management
  • BA A302
    Maintenance in Property Management
  • BA A303
    Real Estate Investment Finance
  • BA A306
    Real Estate Principles
  • BA A361
    Human Resource Management
  • BA A461
    Negotiation and Conflict Management
  • BA A421
    Property Management Capstone
  • BA A432
    Real Estate Law
  • B. Choose 6 credits from the following courses.
  • BA A395
    Property Management and Real Estate Internship
  • BA A431
    Real Estate Appraisal
  • BA A489
    Entrepreneurship and New Business Planning

A total of 120 credits is required for the degree, of which a minimum of 45 credits must be upper division.