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How much flexibility do I have when I take classes?

  • To maintain status as a degree-seeking student, you must take at least one course each fall and spring semester from the time you are admitted until you graduate.
  • You may pursue the MBA either part-time or full-time. For graduate students, nine credits per semester is full time. Most employed graduate students limit themselves to one or two classes per semester.
  • Some classes are offered only once per year, in fall or spring semester. Please check with Janet Burton, the Graduate Program Cooridator, to see about specific course offerings.

How many classes do I have to take?

  • The MBA is a 36 credit hour program consisting of twelve 3-credit classes. In addition, some students may be required to take foundation classes (prerequisites) in accounting, economics, finance, or statistics.

When can I be admitted?

  • Students may apply at any time and will be admitted for the next available semester, according to the published UAA deadlines. International students will need to provide extra documentation, and should apply at least three months in advance of published deadlines to allow for the extra processing time.

What is the MBA Core?

  • The core is a set of classes required for all MBA students.
  • You may take most of the core courses in any order, but BA A632, BA A635 and BA A636 must be completed before registering in BA A655.

How can I tailor my degree to my profession?

Three electives are required for the MBA, allowing students to customize their programs to strengthen professional competencies. Electives must be preapproved by the MBA advisor.

  • Electives may be chosen from the business courses offered, or from another discipline.
  • Up to six credits may be transferred from another regionally accredited university. ( at advisor's discretion )
  • Up to six credits may be 400-level classes not applied toward another degree, with prior approval from the MBA advisor, and only when no similar graduate courses are offered at UAA.

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