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Graduation Requirements


Program Requirements

All students must complete the following foundation courses. Advisors may, however, waive one or more of the foundation courses if the student has completed disciplinary equivalent coursework within five years preceding their admission.

Foundation Courses1 credits
ACCT A601 Accounting Foundations for Executives 3
BA A603 Fundamentals of Finance 3
ECON A602 Introduction to Economics for Managers 3
Total Credits 9
Core Courses credits
ACCT A650 Seminar in Executive Uses of Accounting 3
BA A608 Artificial Intelligence with Business Applications 3
BA A610 Business Intelligence and Analytics 3
BA A632 Leadership and Organizational Behavior 3
BA A635 Current Marketing Issues Seminar 3
BA A636 Financial Decision Making 3
ECON A625 Economics and Public Policy 3
Total Credits 21
Students select two electives for a General MBA or one elective for a General MBA with an Emphasis.
Students may take courses in the emphasis areas (see below) or any advisor approved CBPP graduate course as elective courses including public administration courses. Also with the advisor’s approval, elective coursework can be selected from graduate courses offered by other colleges or disciplines within UAA, or graduate courses offered by other universities accredited by AACSB International. Up to two 400-level courses not previously applied towards another degree may be taken as electives for the entire degree, with the advisor's approval and only if graduate course offerings are not available on those topics.
Total Elective Credits for a General MBA 6
Total Elective Credits for a General MBA with an Emphasis2 3
2Global Supply Chain Management emphasis does not require an elective
Capstone Course
Select one course based on preferred nature of experience (practical or academic) and application (applied or theoretical):
BA A655 Strategic Management Seminar
BA A656 Management Project
BA A698 MBA Individual Research
Total Capstone Credits 3
Total General MBA Credits 30
Total General MBA with an Emphasis Credits 36

1 In certain cases at an advisor's discretion, one or more foundation courses may be waived where warranted by previous education or experience.

Emphasis Area/Elective Coursework

Emphasis Area: By selecting courses in a particular business-related discipline, students can design a custom emphasis area (not transcripted) or can choose one of the emphasis areas below (transcripted in accordance to the UAA Catalog). Students must complete at least 9 nine additional credits to fulfill an emphasis.

Elective Coursework: Students may select electives from the courses listed below.

Business Intelligence and Business Analytics Emphasis credits
BA A633 Problem Formulation and Decision Analysis 3
BA A648 Business Intelligence and Data Mining 3
BA A649 Advanced Business Data Analysis 3
or CIS A670 Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence
Total Credits 9
Leadership Emphasis credits
Complete 9 credits from the following:
BA A621 Change Leadership and Facilitation 3
BA A627 Leadership in the Multicultural Organization 3
BA A628 Executive Leadership 3
BA A629 Negotiation and Conflict Management 3
BA A631 Business Environment Analysis 3
With the advisor's approval, a student may select a 400-level leadership course to complete the leadership emphasis.
Total Credits 9
Public Sector and Non-profit Management Emphasis credits
Complete 9 credits from the following:
PADM A601 Introduction to Public Administration 3
PADM A602 Seminar in Public Management and Leadership 3
PADM A603 Management Analysis 3
PADM A606 Public Policy-making Process 3
PADM A608 Organizational Theory, Design and Development 3
Total Credits 9
Health Administration Emphasis credits
Complete at least 9 credits of 600-level advisor-approved health-science-related electives not applied to another undergraduate or graduate degree. 9
Recommended courses include:  
HS A605  Public Health and Society
HS A624  Circumpolar Health Issues
HS A626/NS A626  Principles of Epidemiology 3
HS A628/SWK A628  Program Evaluation 3
HS A630  Public Health Emergencies and Disasters 3
HS A683/SWK A683  Innovative Practices in Telehealth 3
HS A690  Selected Topics in Public Health 1-4
Total Credits 9
Global Supply Chain Management Emphasis credits
Complete at least two of the 6 credit courses. If a student selects this option, an elective is not required from the elective section above.
LOG A661 Logistics and Global Supply Chain Management: Applications and Strategy 6
LOG A662 Supply Chain Technology and Systems 6
LOG A663 The Role of Global Supply Chain Management in International Trade 6
LOG A664 Leadership Principles and Management Skills for Global Supply Chain Managers 6
LOG A665 Quantitative and Financial Performance Metrics for Global Supply Chain Management 6
Total Credits 12

A minimum of 30 credits is required for a General MBA and 36 credits is required for a General MBA with an emphasis. Additional credits are required for students who need to take foundation courses.

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