Scholarships and Tuition Assistance

CBPP Scholarships

Numerous scholarships are available for students in the College of Business and Public Policy. Posters and scholarship announcements are posted throughout the Rasmuson Building ( CPBB's home ). You'll also find information about scholarships available through the Office of Financial Aid.

CBPP Competitive Administration Scholarship

A limited amount of funding is available to College of Business and Public Policy students. The process is competitive and applications are judged on students' meeting eligibility requirements and the strength of their application materials. Please read application instructions carefully and for help with the application process, feel free to contact the Student Advising Center (907-786-4100). This scholarship application is typically opened in the fall semester and awarded in the spring – this page will be updated when the new application period opens.


Undergraduate and Graduate students must be in current satisfactory academic standing with the University of Alaska system policy. If GPA is not maintained and/or all courses are not completed, the student will be ineligible for funding the following semester. If actual courses vary at time of award/funding, CBPP reserves the right to adjust the funding amount.

  • Undergraduate students
    • Must be officially enrolled at UAA for at least 3 credits in a program leading to a degree or certificate from CBPP
    • Formally admitted into a CBPP degree seeking program or certificate
    • and maintain a UAA cumulative GPA of 2.8 or higher and making satisfactory academic progress
  • Graduate students (includes above requirements in addition to below)
    • Must be formally admitted into a CBPP graduate program; enrolled in at least 3 credits & maintain a cumulative UAA GPA of 3.0 or higher


Student must provide a completed application packet and submit the application packet to the Student Advising Center, Rasmuson Hall (RH) – Room 203. Packet must be paper clipped together, no staples or binders accepted. Late and/or incomplete applications will not be considered or returned to applicant. Supplying more documents than requested will void application.


Complete the College of Business and Public Policy Spring 2018 Competitive Administration Scholarship Applicant Form.


Provide a letter to the Dean indicating why you are a candidate for tuition assistance (i.e., based on talent, merit or leadership/community involvement and/or high demand fields). Letter should state an overall academic and career goal (Certificate, Associate, Bachelor, and/or Master's degree), an academic schedule for the semester of the scholarship, to include a detailed plan of intended classes for spring 2018. Indicate all other financial aid (grants, waivers and scholarships, etc.) applied for pertaining to the semester of this application and received in the past.


Provide two current letters of recommendation addressed to the Dean. One letter from a UAA faculty member and one from someone outside of UAA, such as employer, pastor, community organization, etc. Letters must have original signatures (copies or e-mail attachments will be considered disqualified) and letters must contain current contact information for those providing a recommendation.

To request a letter of reference/recommendation from a CBPP professor you must complete a Request for Letter of Recommendation or Reference form and a FERPA Release/Liability Release form and submit these two forms to the CBPP professor.

PAGE FIVE (or more)

An appointment must be scheduled in advance to talk with a Student Advising Center Advisor to obtain and attach an unofficial transcript showing degree-seeking status; signed and dated by the SAC Advisor (Student Advising Center is located in RH 203, 907.786.4100).

Applicants needing clarification on the tuition assistance application process may contact the Student Advising Center at (907) 786-4100