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UA Foundation Scholarships

Administered by the UA Foundation, there are several scholarship funds available to UA students. Some are specific to UAA; others are allocated only to College of Business and Public Policy students.

Community members, CBPP alumni, and local and national businesses are some of the donors who have developed scholarship funds to support your scholastic journey. You can apply through the UAOnline scholarship portal, Kaleidoscope, available under “Scholarships” when you log into UAOnline.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®) each year. It opens October 1 and is used by UAA to determine if you qualify for need-based student aid.

  2. Complete the UA General Application for scholarships through the UAOnline scholarship portal, which is open from October 1 – February 15 each year. The general application has about 20 questions and takes about 20 minutes. Through this application, you automatically apply for any eligible scholarships.

    This is the backbone of your application. About 70% of all scholarships are awarded this way.

  3. “Other opportunities.” About 30% of the scholarship opportunities require additional information from you: an essay or answers to supplemental questions. This helps scholarship committees learn more about you, your goals, and how you decided on your field. It also shows that you put thought into the application.

  4. Be sure to check out the Office of Financial Aid, which explains all the opportunities in detail and provides many helpful resources.

TIP! If you’ve written an essay or provided detailed information for a scholarship, be sure to save that in another location. It might come in handy next year.

Additional Scholarship Opportunities

CBPP Dean’s Competitive Administrative Scholarships
Seawolf Investment Fund Scholarships (for Finance and Accounting majors)
Weidner Academic and Travel Awards (for CBPP students actively enrolled in the Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program)