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Christopher Lake Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Management

Management, Marketing, Logistics, and Business Analytics
Christopher Lake



Dr. Lake conducts research in the areas of human resource management and organizational behavior. One stream of research involves the feelings of satisfaction and commitment that employees develop toward their work, their careers, and their employing organizations. A second stream of research involves the quality of managerial workplace decisions and the use of evidence-based management. His research incorporates a wide variety of quantitative data collection methods and statistical techniques. Prior to joining the University of Alaska, Dr. Lake held academic appointments at Kansas State University and the University of Minnesota.

You can learn more about this research by visiting the Work and Career Decisions Lab where you can view recent publications and complete interactive surveys about topics like career maximizing and job-hopping tendencies.

Consulting Experience

Dr. Lake has served as a human resources consultant for large and small companies, governmental agencies, and nonprofit organizations. He has developed and validated pre-employment tests, evaluated vocational tests, conducted large-scale engagement surveys, and designed managerial training programs.


Additional Research

Education & Affiliations


Bowling Green State University, PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Bowling Green State University, MA in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
Central Washington University, BA in Psychology, Business Administration, Organizational Communications