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Guruprasad Gadgil

Assistant Professor

Management, Marketing, Logistics, and Business Analytics
Guruprasad Gadgil


  • “Modeling the hidden mediating relationships between SNS privacy and SNS impression construction”, Computers in Human Behavior (2021)
    Journal Article
  • “The transformative influence of social media: An exploratory case study of empowerment in repressive society”, International Journal of Electronic Healthcare (2019)
    Journal Article
  • “Qualitative investigation of the role of quality in online community support for people living with HIV and AIDS”, Quality Management Journal (2018)
    Journal Article
  • “A Multi-lateral Password Approach for Robust Multi-category Based Multi-factor Privacy Preserving Authentication for Pervasive Cloud Services”, Computers & Security
    Journal Article
  • “E-Learning in Jordanian Higher Education: Cultural Perspectives and Institutional Readiness”, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management
    Journal Article

Education & Affiliations


University of North Texas, PhD in Information Systems
Robert Morris University, MS in Management Information Syste,s
University of Mumbia, MS in Information Systems


Decision Science Institute (DSI)