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Dr. Darren Prokop

Global Supply Chain Security and Management

Join College of Business and Public Policy Professor Darren Prokop as he discusses his latest book at the UAA campus bookstore Wednesday September 13. The event will begin at 5:00 p.m.

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Brock Smith

Faculty & Student Seminar: Oil and Rural Poverty

Do oil booms reduce rural poverty and inequality? To study this Brock Smith measured rural poverty by counting people that live in darkness at night: combining high-resolution global satellite data on night-time lights and population from 2000-2013.

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Philip Grossman

Faculty & Student Seminar: The Influence of Leader Reputation on Followers’ Response to Cheap Talk Messages

Philip Grossman will talk about a paper considering if a leader’s reputation, earned by prior actions, increases the perceived credibility of a leader’s cheap talk invest message.

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MBA Alumnus John Sims

MBA Alumnus John Sims Named ENSTAR President

College of Business and Public Policy MBA alumnus John Sims has been named as president of ENSTAR Natural Gas, which delivers gas to more than 143,000 customers in the Cook Inlet area from Homer north to Big Lake, according to the company’s website.

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Qiujie “Angie” Zheng

Qiujie “Angie” Zheng: Wild Alaska Salmon and China

College of Business and Public Policy Associate Professor of Quantitative Methods and Economics, Angie Zheng, investigated Chinese consumer preference for Alaska salmon to learn the potential of the product in China’s markets.

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