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Faculty & Student Seminar: Predicting Civil Conflict

Civil conflict is a persistent source of misery to humankind. There is, however, a lack of a comprehensive scientific theory of the sources of civil conflict even though the question of cooperation or conflict is at the heart of political economy. Atin Basuchoudhary introduces machine learning to explore whether there can even be a unified theory of conflict.

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Megan Green

Economics Major Megan Green Wins Fulbright

Megan will graduate with a double major in economics and German and a minor in math. Her father teaches economics at West High and introduced her early on to Dr. Kyle Hampton, who until last year taught economics at UAA.

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Shipping Containers

Review of Dr. Darren Prokop's Latest Book

Anyone who intends to enter the realm of supply chains and logistics must read Global Supply Chain Security and Management. Author Darren Prokop brings vast experience in the academic and practical worlds of supply chain management to this book. He goes the extra mile to package a tremendous amount of critical information in a compact volume to produce an easy-to-read narrative and valuable reference guide to these types of global operations.

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Tom Case Leadership Fellows Mentor Interview

Leadership Fellows Mentor Interview with Mead Treadwell, Pt Capital

The College of Business and Public Policy's Tom Case Leadership Fellows Program pairs high-performing CBPP students with a mentor in the Anchorage business community, giving students the opportunity to learn about real-world leadership from local business leaders. To begin the program, each student protégé interviewed their new mentor. Today’s featured protégé/mentor interview is Nathanial Shoya Watanabe, and his mentor Mead Treadwell, Pt Capital.

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Faculty & Student Seminar: Retirement Contribution Rate Nudges - Evidence from the Field

Simple nudges, such as changing defaults or sending encouraging messages, can significantly increase individual contributions to retirement savings. Recent evidence, however, suggests that many nudges fail and that the effects of other nudges are short lived.

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