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Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Cyber Security

February 6, 2024
Sean Kanuck Sean Kanuck

Friday, March 1, 12:00 pm
Gorsuch Commons, UAA campus

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The increasing adoption of artificial intelligence technologies is being used to enable both cyber attacks and cyber security. To help us understand the strategic impacts AI is having on the future of cyber security, the College of Business and Public Policy is bringing cyber expert Sean Kanuck to Alaska for a presentation on Friday, March 1 from 12-1 pm at UAA’s Gorsuch Commons.

Sean served as the first U.S. National Intelligence Officer for Cyber Issues from 2011 to 2016, after a decade in CIA’s Information Operations Center. Currently he is an international attorney and CEO of EXEDEC, a strategic consulting firm.

Guests may attend the free event in person or join online. During the “Artificial Intelligence & the Future of Cyber Security” presentation, Sean will address these important questions:

  • How is AI being used to enable both cyber attacks and cyber security?
  • Will AI shift the balance of power between offense and defense in cyberspace?
  • Which countries, sectors, and interest groups are benefitting the most from advancements of AI?
  • Who is ensuring the safety and security of AI products and is that oversight effective?
  • Is AI aggravating or mitigating traditional security dilemmas?
  • What legal, ethical, or moral restrictions are being (or should be) placed on the use of AI?

In-person guests should arrive by 11:30 am for a complimentary lunch in advance of the presentation.

More about Sean Kanuck

Sean Kanuck served as the first U.S. National Intelligence Officer for Cyber Issues from 2011 to 2016 (after a decade in CIA’s Information Operations Center); Chair of the Research Advisory Group for the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace; and Director of Cyber, Space and Future Conflict at the International Institute for Strategic Studies. Sean holds degrees from Harvard (A.B.; J.D.), London School of Economics (M.Sc.), and University of Oslo (LL.M.). He teaches graduate courses on national security law and the security implications of AI.

Artificial Intelligence and UAA’s College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP)
While the public has become more aware of AI advances recently, CBPP has been at the forefront in examining AI’s impacts on business since 2019:

  • CBPP hosts the new Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics Lab (ADSAIL) in Rasmuson Hall on UAA’s campus.
  • Dr. Helena S. Wisniewski created the CBPP AI Webinar series in 2020. The March 2024 presentation is its first in-person event. The series has invited dynamic speakers from many industries to illustrate how they use AI to enhance their businesses. Previous webinars have featured speakers with backgrounds working at GE, Waymo, Moderna, McKinley Capital Management, Lockheed Martin, Providence and Medtronic. Dr. Wisniewksi is the Marion Porter Endowed Chair; Chair of CBPP’s Department of Marketing, Management, Logistics, and Business Analytics; Professor of Entrepreneurship and Fellow of the National Academy of Inventors.
  • In Spring 2019, Dr. Wisniewksi created the popular AI Concepts & Business Applications,, a course that focuses on AI and how it's transforming and being leveraged in modern business. Students learn strategies employed by companies leading in AI, and the prospects for its growth.
  • CBPP offers a Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence that gives business leaders insights on harnessing the power of data and AI.