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John McPhee and Willie Hensley

KTOO Features Visiting Distinguished Professor Willie Hensley

KTOO is celebrating the 40th anniversary of John McPhee’s book “Coming into the Country”. In the book McPhee introduced the rest of the nation to one of the most prominent, young Alaska Native leaders in the state. Willie Hensley was instrumental in forcing the state and the federal government to settle land claims with its 60,000 Alaska Native residents. The full story is available on KTOO's website.

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What is Logistics About?

Dr. Darren Prokop, College of Business and Public Policy Professor of Logistics, explains what logistics is all about.

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John Williams and Dean Rashmi Prasad

Thank You to Dr. John C. Williams

The College of Business and Public Policy was proud to host the President of the San Francisco Federal Reserve Bank, Dr. John Williams on August 16. He spoke about the US economy, inflation and monetary policy and spent time answering questions from UAA students.

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Does corporate social responsibility pay?

Experimental Economics: Does Corporate Social Responsibility Pay?

Does it pay for a company to be socially responsible? Are they just giving away profits, or does social responsibility actually increase sales? You'd think the benefits were certain, given the number of companies not only engaged in it, but happy to tell us all about it. Yet economists actually report mixed results. Some companies with strong social records don't do so well economically, and some with weak social records do just fine.

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