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$38,800 in CBPP Competitive Scholarships Awarded

January 23, 2023

The College of Business and Public Policy Scholarship Committee announced that $38,800 in scholarships has been awarded to 27 undergraduate and graduate students. These include the Dean’s Competitive Administrative Scholarship and the Seawolf Investment Fund Scholarship.

A total of $33,800 was awarded in Dean’s Competitive Administrative Scholarships. Recipients are selected on the basis of merit, leadership/community involvement or efforts to support diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging.

The Seawolf Investment Fund Scholarship was awarded for the first time this year, with a total of $5,000 distributed to six students. The Seawolf Investment Fund was established in 2021 with a gift from Gary and Jane Cuddy Klopfer. It provides an experiential education as students learn and practice investment management strategies. Earnings from the fund will be a source of scholarships for accounting and finance students into the future.

“Each year it’s exciting to be able to provide support to students who are excelling – either through their academics or their involvement in the community,” said John Nofsinger, Dean of the College. “It’s also fun to award the new Seawolf Investment Fund Scholarships, knowing that they are a product of our own finance students’ careful study and management of the Seawolf Investment Fund.”

“I’d like to thank all of the students who took time to apply, as well as the members of the Scholarship Committee for their careful consideration of the applications.”

“For all of our students, I want to emphasize that these are just a few of the scholarships available. There are additional opportunities through the University of Alaska Foundation, with more than 25 scholarships specific to students in our CBPP programs. The application deadline for those is coming up on February 15.”

CBPP Scholarship Award Recipients

Dean’s Competitive Scholarship

  • Alivia Bailey
  • Alexander F. Bassett
  • Anujin Bayarjargal
  • Tuva Bygrave
  • Mark A Cox
  • Daniel Domas
  • Michaella Francisco
  • Robert Gant
  • Aidan Green
  • Choua Her
  • Taylor Johnson
  • Alex Jorgensen
  • Barbara Kahula
  • Cassidy King
  • Toomas Kollo
  • Zarina Kolodii
  • Pa Lor
  • Magnus Noroey
  • Alfin Nyamasyo
  • Chantel Santos
  • Hailey Sedor
  • Zachary Smith
  • Ross Spencer
  • David Kojin Tranberg
  • Zarif Turker
  • Trista Wilson
  • Shelly Yocum

Seawolf Investment Fund

  • Alivia Bailey
  • Taylor Johnson
  • Barbara Kahula
  • Pa Lor
  • Magnus Noroey
  • Trista Wilson