Yoshito Kanamori

Associate Professor

Information Systems and Decision Sciences


  • “Stochastic Computing on Quantum Gates”, The 3rd International Workshop on Post-Moore Era Supercomputing (PMES) in SC18 (2018)
    Conference Proceeding
  • “Exploring and Evaluating E-Business Models: A Preliminary Study of A Community-based Website”, Communications of the International Information Management Association (2013)
    Journal Article
  • “Cloud Computing Security and Risk Management”, Cloud Computing Service and Deployment Models: Layers and Management (2013)
    Book Chapter
  • “Mapping the News with OpenBlock: A Study of Trust Building on A Community-based News Site”, The 41st Western Decision Sciences Institute (WDSI) Annual Conference (2012)
    Conference Proceeding
  • “Mapping the News with OpenBlock – Presenting Local News Geographically”, International Conference of Decision Science Institute 2011 (IDSI2011) (2011)
    Conference Proceeding
  • “Authentication Protocol Using Quantum Superposition States.”, IJ Network Security (2009)
    Journal Article
Additional Research

Education & Affiliations


University of Alabama in Huntsville, PhD in Computer Engineering
University of Alabama in Huntsville, MS in Computer Engineering


IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Communication Society