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Amy Green

Professor of Hospitality

Management, Marketing, Logistics, and Business Analytics
Amy Green


Dr. Amy Green has been teaching Hospitality & Restaurant Management at UAA since 2005. She has managed hotels and restaurants in New Orleans, South Florida and San Francisco.

Dr. Green has taught a variety of courses including front-of-house dining room management, foodservice management, bar and beverage management, hospitality concept design and development, commercial food purchasing and hotel management. Her research interests include business development and online pedagogies in education.


  • CA A114- Beverage Management
  • CA A110- Quantity Food Purchasing
  • CA A220- Foodservice Operations
  • CA A224- Hospitality Service
  • CA A225- Hospitality Concept Design
  • CA A230- Foodservice Management
  • CA A295- Foodservice Internship
  • HA A105- Introduction to Hospitality Administration
  • HA A201- Advanced Hospitality Administration
  • HA A205- Front Desk Operations
  • HA A210- Hotel Facilities and Operations
  • HA A310- Hospitality Financial Management
  • HA A405- Hospitality Leadership and Ethics
  • HA A410- Hospitality Marketing
  • HA A490- Food Truck Basics
  • HA A495- Hospitality Administration Internship