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CBPP Finance Students Showcase the Seawolf Investment Fund at the 2024 Quinnipiac GAME Forum

April 1, 2024
CBPP Students at Quinnipiac GAME Forum Pictured left to right: Kemo Jobarteh, Bakari Bishop, Patrick Moses Jr., Megan Schmidt, Joshua Montgomery, Tuva Granoien, Donald J Lawhead Jr., and Guy Steve Mvele.

On March 21 and 22, eight College of Business and Public Policy students attended the 2024 Quinnipiac Global Asset Management Education Forum (GAME Forum) in New York City. In addition to learning about various facets of investing from industry practitioners, they represented UAA at the largest investment and finance conference specifically tailored for college students. This year about 150 business schools participated, with 1,500 students from as far away as Lebanon, Canada, Europe (and Alaska!).

Just two years ago, a previous group of CBPP finance students were the first to make decisions for the Seawolf Investment Fund, which was created in 2021 with a $1 million gift from UAA alumnus Gary Klopfer and his wife, Jane Cuddy Klopfer. Managing this fund as part of their coursework provides students with invaluable experience and also generates scholarship money for accounting and finance students.

Back in 2022, students hoped that eventually the Seawolf Investment Fund could compete against other undergraduate student-managed portfolios around the country, and they had their eyes set on the GAME Forum.

This year’s students entered the competition! CBPP students Megan Schmidt and Joshua Montgomery presented the performance of the Seawolf Investment Fund, which beat the market return (S&P 500) by 50 basis points in 2023. Additional CBPP students who attended were Bakari Bishop, Tuva Granoien, Kemo Jobarteh, Donald J. Lawhead Jr., Patrick Moses Jr., and Guy Steve Mvele. They were accompanied by Ajit Dayanandan, UAA Professor of Finance.

In addition to participating in the Fund competition, UAA students heard from world-renowned industry leaders about financial best practices, asset allocation decisions, portfolio investments, innovations in financial technology and risk management practices.