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REM+I Participants

Area High School Students Selected for Real Estate Management Workshop

June 21, 2022

Seventeen students have been selected for the College of Business and Public Policy’s Real Estate Management + Investment (REM+I) Workshop, July 12-14.

“The workshop is a fun way for students to explore a career in real estate management and learn investment fundamentals that could benefit them well into the future,” said Terry Fields, associate professor management and REM+I Workshop organizer. “We hope that the workshop sparks an interest in this career field and encourages them to pursue the affiliated degree program in UAA's College of Business and Public Policy where they can further their education, be connected to employers, and earn some of the $40,000+ scholarships given out each year."

Selected students this year include recent high school graduates and juniors and seniors from 11 area high schools:

  • Mhya Arruiza
  • Kelly Bault
  • Kyle Bay
  • Kylie Carig
  • Corbin Curtis
  • Riston Fuller
  • Ryder Gough
  • Amariah Ledbetter
  • Irelynn Massie
  • Ruth Miller
  • Robert Morgan
  • Stone Pogany
  • Victoria Sanders-Jordan
  • Korben Senden
  • Cylena Snow
  • Sage Szymanski
  • Jade Wren

As part of the workshop, participants will learn about opportunities available in CBPP’s Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program, one of only a handful of programs in the nation offering a 4-year degree with a dedicated curriculum focused on the management of real estate assets. Upon completion of the workshop, students interested in attending UAA and pursuing this academic track will be eligible to apply for one of six $1,000 scholarships.