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Spring 2021 Graduates: Future Plans and Advice for New Students

May 7, 2021
2021 Graduates Sarah Walker, Mitch Kitter, Al Asuncion, Eric Lacher, Holly Blackstone, and Raniyah Bakr

This past year has been a time of monumental change that has impacted nearly every facet of life. Our Spring 2021 graduates achieved their goals while under new pressures, in an entirely new academic environment. There’s more change ahead for many of them, including new opportunities, jobs, and graduate school.

We asked all our graduates to tell us what’s next. Here are the responses we received, including some tips for incoming students.

Congratulations and best wishes to all of our graduates. Please come say “Hi” when we are all back on campus.

Al Asuncion, Accounting BBA, Finance BBA
“I'll be attending the University of Southern California to pursue my master's in Business Taxation with Data Analytics then start full-time with KPMG after graduation.”

Advice for incoming students: “Speak up in class. Ask if you don't understand the lesson. Make friends within your major and study with them! Above all, do your homework.”

Raniyah Bakr, Economics BA
“I believe I found a dream job! I was recently hired as a staff analyst at Northern Economics.”

Advice for incoming students: “Plan ahead, ask for guidance, take your time if you are unsure. Make the most out of your education. Take advantage of all the resources!”

Holly Blackstone, Accounting BBA
“My hope is to return to ANTHC and join their accounting department. If I can't return to them, I plan to find an accounting job here in Anchorage to continue to build my accounting knowledge and skills and work to give back to the community and to UAA.”

Advice for incoming students: “If you’re an Accounting major, join the Accounting Club right away!! Waiting to join is something I regret a lot. And for any major: don't be afraid to ask for help. UAA and its professors are able to provide you with so many roads to success. You just need to let them know what you need and chances are very high that you will get it.”

Mitch Kitter, MBA
“I will continue to work as Director, Security Planning and Architecture at GCI - General Communication, Inc.”

Eric Lacher, MBA
“Continuing current employment in the finance department at the non-profit I work for. Considering studying for the Certified Management Accountant or Certified Federal Contract Manager certifications.”

Advice for incoming students: “You will never find the time for recreational activities. You need to make the time.”

Paul Prior, MS in GSCM
“I already work at my dream job. I plan to continue working and taking classes to improve my skills.”

Christopher Schneider, MBA
Christopher will continue working in his current position.

Advice for incoming students: “It's all temporary, and take advantage of all of the services offered to help you from the university.”

Sarah Walker, Management BBA
“Expecting to go full time with my internship company 907 Financial, and work in personal financial counseling field.”

Congratulations again to all of our Spring 2021 Graduates!