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Academic Entrepreneurship book cover

Dr. Helena Wisniewski Co-authors New Book

Dr. Helena Wisniewski addresses entrepreneurial ventures as co-author of the book, Academic Entrepreneurship – Creating the Ecosystem for your University – published in March 2020 by World Scientific.

The following is a description of the book Academic Entrepreneurship – Creating the Ecosystem for your University that Dr. Helena Wisniewski co-authored, and was published in March 2020, by World Scientific.

With the increasing interest in entrepreneurship, a wealth of new ideas and technologies, and a need for new sources of revenue, the focus of the book is to provide insights on the process, elements and activities needed for a university to create successfully new entrepreneurial ventures. In addition, the book provides the basics for a university to impact positively the wellbeing of the surrounding area and the local, national and world economics. Topics include establishing the entrepreneurial process itself, role of patents and copyrights, identifying markets and opportunities for ideas and technology, creating a business plan, creating a business venture, role of incubators and accelerators, funding sources for starting and growing new ventures and managing and for universities increasing the results of the ecosystem. In addition, each chapter starts with a case study relevant to that chapter and a separate chapter devoted to diverse case studies is included.