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Dr. Chad Briggs Speaks on This is Tomorrow Panel at the University of Bath

Dr. Chad Briggs visited the United Kingdom last week to participate on a panel at this year’s Institute for Policy Research (IPR) symposium, This is Tomorrow, which aimed to address ongoing debates affecting our future. Distinguished academics, practitioners, and researchers came together at the event to discuss topics including China’s growing dominance in the world and the future of work, global security, climate change, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and ethics, and the future of welfare systems.

Dr. Briggs’ panel, titled Global Security and Climate Change: Warfare and Extinction, also included Dr. Jessica Hope (University of Bristol), Denis Kierans (University of Oxford), as well as the Chair, Professor David Galbreath (University of Bath).

To learn more about the event, visit the This is Tomorrow page or reach out to Dr. Briggs.