Group photo from Experimental Econ Workshops in SE Asia

Dr. James Murphy Teaches Experimental Econ Workshops in SE Asia

Dr. James Murphy has recently returned from a trip to Southeast Asia where he was co-teaching International Foundation for Research in Experimental Economics (IFREE) workshops on experimental economics in Vietnam (July 22-24) and Thailand (August 1-3). IFREE was founded specifically in order to support research and education in experimental economics and is the only foundation annually supporting research projects, educational seminars and outreach workshops in experimental economics. These workshops were co-taught alongside Dr. Murphy by former UAA visiting Rasmuson Chair of Economics and current University of Alabama professor, Dr. Cary Deck, and former UAA Economics faculty member and current Chapman University professor, Dr. Kyle Hampton. A total of 44 students participated, 24 in Vietnam and 20 in Thailand, from 13 schools and institutions and included undergraduate, master’s, and PhD students, as well as one professor.

The participants were awarded certificates at the completion of the workshops and reported having both learned from and enjoyed the experience immensely. Professor Hampton created Facebook pages so that the students and faculty could join and interact during the workshops and continue to stay connected and share information in the future. The event in Ho Chi Minh City was even picked up by the local press which further demonstrates what a great success these workshops were.

For more information on these IFREE-funded workshops, please contact Dr. James Murphy.