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Business School Accreditation

Welcome to a new semester at the UAA College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP)!  I’m excited to see all students and hope you enjoyed the winter break.  Whether you are a returning or new student to UAA and the CBPP, you have made an excellent choice.

I wanted to keep you posted about our university accreditation and our specialized business school accreditation.

Sometimes schools have their own accreditation, we remain accredited as a business school (AACSB) and the university maintains its institutional accreditation (NWCCU).

What AACSB accreditation means?
AACSB accreditation ensures that the UAA College of Business and Public Policy provides a rigorous, credible, and competitive education.

Why AACSB accreditation matters?
AACSB accreditation attracts high-quality faculty and students by enhancing the reputation of the institution and graduates’ degrees, assuring employers that CBPP graduates are ready to perform on day one.

The College of Business and Public Policy has been AACSB accredited for 20+ years and continues to be committed to advancing business education. As the new Dean of the CBPP it is my highest priority to maintain the quality of our programs and I’m confident moving forward with our AACSB accreditation status.

My best wishes for an inspiring and productive spring semester!

Karen S. Markel (signature)
Dean Karen S. Markel