Dr. Darren Prokop

Professor of Logistics
Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Professor Darren Prokop

Journal Articles

Darren Prokop. Smart Containers and the Public Goods Approach to Supply Chain Security International Journal of Shipping and Transport Logistics (2012)
Darren Prokop. Air Cargo’s Cutting Edge: Transfer Flexibility in Anchorage Canadian Journal of Transportation (2008)


Darren Prokop. Global Supply Chain Security and Management: Appraising Programs, Preventing Crimes Elsevier (2017)
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Darren Prokop. Deadweight Loss SAGE Publications (2008)
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Darren Prokop. Total Quality Management (TQM) SAGE Publications (2008)
Darren Prokop. Trade Balance SAGE Publications (2008)
Darren Prokop. Von Neumann-Morgenstern Utility Function SAGE Publications (2008)


2010 CBPP Advisor of the Year College of Business and Public Policy
2009 Garth N. Jones Writing Award College of Business and Public Policy
2008 Bison Cup Debate Canadian Transportation Research Forum