Gökhan Karahan

Associate Professor of Accounting
Accounting and Finance Chair
Associate Professor Gökhan Karahan

Journal Articles

Ajit Dayanandan, Han Donker, and Gökhan Karahan. Do voluntary disclosures of bad news improve liquidity? North American Journal of Economics and Finance, Elsevier (2017)
Ajit Dayanandan, Han Donker, Gökhan Karahan, and Mike Ivanof. IFRS and Accounting Quality: Legal Origin, Regional, and Disclosure Impacts International Journal of Accounting & Information Management, Emerald (2016)
Gary Pecquet, Gökhan Karahan, R. Luchasen, Christopher Boudreaux, and Shane Sanders. In Memoriam: R. Morris Coats, A Second Wave Public Choice Scholar in Camouflage Public Choice (2016)
Stephanie Moussalli and Gökhan Karahan. Illuminating the Limits of Auditor Accountability for Fraud Detection through a Historical Study of Internal Control Evaluation Journal of Business, Industry, and Economics (2012)
Gray, O Ronald and Gökhan Karahan. One Hundred Years of Disappointed Expectations: A Quantitative Content Analysis of the Auditor’s Responsibility to Discover Fraud Traced through Montgomery’s Auditing, 1912-1998 Stephanie D. Moussalli Journal of Forensic & Investigative Accounting (2011)
Gökhan Karahan and Michelle Matthews. A Tollisonian approach to religionomics Public Choice (2010)
Ahmet Yukleyen and Gökhan Karahan. Religious schism or synthesis? Public Choice (2010)
Chad Turner, Gökhan Karahan, and . The Progress of the Betting in a Baseball Game: A Comment Public Choice (2010)
Gökhan Karahan, R Coats, and William Shughart. And the Beat Goes On: Further Evidence on Voting on the Form of County Governance in the Midst of Public Corruption Kyklos (2009)
Michael Reksulak, Gökhan Karahan, and William Shughart, II. Flags of our fathers: Voting on Confederate symbols in the State of Georgia Public Choice (2007)
R Coats and Gökhan Karahan. High School Non-Completers, College Completers and Per-Capita Income in Louisiana Parishes Applied Research in Economic Development ()
Gökhan Karahan, R Coats, and William Shughart, II. Corrupt political jurisdictions and voter participation Public Choice (2006)
Gökhan Karahan, Laura Razzolini, and William Shughart, II. No pretense to honesty: County government corruption in Mississippi Economics of Governance (2006)
R Coats, Gökhan Karahan, and Robert Tollison. Terrorism and pork-barrel spending Public Choice (2006)
R Luccasen, III, R Coats, and Gökhan Karahan. Cigarette smuggling mitigates the public health benefits of cigarette taxes Applied Economics Letters (2005)
Gökhan Karahan and William Shughart, II. Under two flags: Symbolic voting in the State of Mississippi Public Choice (2004)
Gökhan Karahan, Laura Razzolini, and William Shughart, II. Centralized versus decentralized decision-making in a county government setting Economics of Governance (2002)


2017 Chancellor's Award for Excellence for Promoting Student Achievement UAA This award was for "Promoting Student Achievement."
2017 Literati Award Emerald Highly Commended Paper Award International Journal of Accounting & Information Management Literati Award
2007 Excellence in Research Award NSU College of Business Administration
2006 Letters of Commendation from Vice President for Student Affairs NSU One or more students thought that I significantly contributed to their academic development in 2004, 2005, and 2006.
2003 Letters of Commendation from Vice Chancellor for Student Life University of Mississippi Letters stating that I made a difference in one or more students lives in 2002 and 2003