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Alaska Native Corporation Board Member Peer Exchange

New & Innovative Collaboration of Alaska Native Corporation Boards

We hope you will join us this October 18 for a new and innovative collaboration of Alaska Native Corporation Boards. This session includes important board training, sharing of information among ANC board members and will also include an open Peer Exchange among participants. Specifically designed for Alaska Native Corporation (ANC) board members, this half-day peer exchange offers the opportunity to interact, network, and learn from each other as well as from experts in the field. Come and participate in a session designed to promote meaningful dialogue among Alaska Native Corporations.

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Faculty & Student Seminar: "Catastrophic Risk: Waking Up to the Reality of a Pandemic?"

Will a major shock awaken US citizens to the threat of catastrophic pandemic risk? We present evidence that suggests the answer might be “no”.

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Jim Murphy

From a Mountain in Nepal to Economics, How Professor Jim Murphy Found His Calling

Before economics professor Jim Murphy knew about economics, he was working in the San Francisco bay area. A recession hit the company he was working at, and he decided to go trekking in Nepal.

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