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Corporate Partners

Rashmi Prasad, dean of CBPP, and Joe Beedle, Northrim Bank’s CEO and president, celebrate Northrim’s $25,000 gift to initiate the new leadership program at UAA.

Corporate Partnerships

Joe Beedle, President and CEO of Northrim Bank, knows that investing in our future leaders is good for business and the future of Alaska. For these reasons, Northrim did not hesitate to become the first major contributor to the UAA College of Business and Public Policy’s Leadership Initiative.

Northrim’s monetary donation was the catalyst for helping to establish the foundation for the leadership program. A component of the leadership initiative is the Leadership Fellows Program. As a corporate partner, Northrim supports CBPP’s efforts to connect Anchorage business leaders, as mentors, with CBPP students to foster and enrich students’ academic experience with real world leadership experience.