Mei Rose

Associate Professor of Marketing
Management and Marketing

Journal Articles

Mei Rose, Gregory Rose, and Altaf Merchant. “Is Old Gold? How Heritage “Sells” The University to Prospective Students: The Impact of a Measure of Brand Heritage On Attitudes toward the University,” Journal of Advertising Research (2017)
Mei Rose and Jeffery Blodgett. "Should Hotels Respond to Negative Online Reviews?," Cornell Hospitality Quarterly (2016)
Altaf Merchant, Gregory Rose, and Mei Rose. The Impact of Time Orientation on Consumer Innovativeness in the United States and India Journal of Marketing Theory and Practice (2015)
Mei Rose. The Effects of Interface Design and Age On Children's Information Processing Of Web Sites Psychology & Marketing (2009)
Mei Rose. The Impact of Consumer Animosity on Attitudes Towards Foreign Goods: A Study of Jewish and Arab Israelis Journal of Consumer Marketing (2009)
Mei Rose, Mei Alonzo, and Milam Aiken. "Flaming in Electronic Communication," Decision Support Systems (2004)