Kori Callison

Associate Professor of Management
Management and Marketing

Journal Articles

Leanne Atwater, Kyoung Yong Kim, Alan Witt, Zahir Latheef, Kori Callison, Teri Elkins, and Dianhan Zheng. Reactions to abusive supervision: Examining the role of emotions and gender in the USA The International Journal of Human Resource Management (2016)
Sara Perry, L. Witt, Kori Callison, and Ari Malka. Developing Dedicated Service Employees: Psychological Climate for Service and Internal Service as Resources Journal of Psychological Issues in Organizational Culture (2013)
Roger Griffeth, L. Witt, C. Polk, S. Robinson, R. Thacker, and Kori Callison. Assessing the cost of underperformance: A computer programmer example. The Industrial-Organizational Psychologist (2011)


Terry Nelson, Kori Callison, and Allison Thomas. A Comparative Study of Five Countries with Critical Mass and its Ambiguous Impact on HRM Policies Edward Elgar Publishing (2016)


2018 UAA Professor of the Year: Influence in Education Award 2018 The National Society of Leadership and Sucess This award recognizes an individual’s dedication to serving as an outstanding and motivating teacher with distinction. After receiving your nomination, our organization elected you as a finalist because of your long-standing involvement and commitment to your students every year. Additionally, you were selected because of your years of leadership and service to the University of Alaska Anchorage. You have shown exemplary leadership qualities, and demonstrated true potential along with the eagerness and willingness to better your community.