Yonggang Lu

Associate Professor
Information Systems and Decision Sciences
Associate Professor Yonggang Lu

Journal Articles

Mithat Gönen, Wesley Johnson, Yonggang Lu, and Peter Westfall. Comparing Objective and Subjective Bayes Factors for the Two-Sample Comparison: The Classification Theorem in Action The American Statistician (2017)
Yonggang Lu, P. H. Westfall, G. Han, and M. M. Bui. Bayesian Hypothesis Testing for Selected Regression Coefficients Communication in Statistics -Theory and Methods (2016)
Jonathan Alevy, Frank Jeffries, and Yonggang Lu. Gender- and frame-specific audience effects in dictator games Economics Letters (2014)
Yonggang Lu and Kevin Henning. Are statisticians cold-blooded bosses? a new perspective on the ‘old’concept of statistical population Teaching Statistics (2013)
Yonggang Lu and Wei Chen. Unreliable Inference for Business and Economic Event Studies Based on Variance Dummy Variable in a GARCH Regression Model. Journal of Applied Business & Economics (2011)
Yonggang Lu and Peter Westfall. Is Bonferroni Admissible for Large m? American Journal of Mathematical and Management Sciences (2009)
Peter Westfall, Kuenhi Tsai, Stephan Ogenstad, Alin Tomoiaga, Scott Moseley, and Yonggang Lu. Clinical trials simulation: a statistical approach Journal of biopharmaceutical statistics (2008)
Mithat Gonen, Wesley Johnson, Yonggang Lu, and Peter Westfall. The Bayesian two-sample t-test bepress (2005)


2013 The C Oswald George Prize British Royal Statistical Society Dr C Oswald George was an eminent UK government statistician. Dr George donated a sum of money for the establishment of a prize, which was initially awarded to ‘the best paper, especially submitted by younger authors, in the field of applied statistics’. This prize was later associated with the Institute of Statisticians’ professional examinations. When Teaching Statistics was founded in 1979, the Institute generously made the prize available to the best article published in the journal each year.
2013 Nominee for CBPP Teacher of the Year UAA, College of Business & Public Policy 2012, 2013
2005 Award of Outstanding Research by a Doctoral Studellt
2005 Horn Professor Scholarship 2004 -2005
2004 Beta Gamma Sigma,
2003 Rawls College of Business Scholarship 2002 -2003
2002 SBC Chancellor's Fellowship 2001 -2002