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Management, Marketing, Logistics and Business Analytics

College of Business and Public Policy

Management, Marketing, Logistics and Business Analytics

The The Department of Management, Marketing, Logistics and Business Analytics (MMLBA) gives students the tools and knowledge to become the future leaders, decision makers and innovators in a rapidly evolving technology driven world. We accomplish this through our range of academic degrees and certificates with innovative courses and multiple modalities to prepare students for industry demands.

We offer Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degrees in Management, including one with a concentration in Property Management and Real Estate, in Marketing, and Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Our minors are in business administration, entrepreneurship, Alaska Native business management, international business, and real estate. An Associate of Applied Science (AAS) is offered in Small Business Administration and in Business Computer Information Systems. Certificates are available in Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, and Business Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. These professional programs prepare students to meet the challenges of a dynamic and changing business environment. We offer innovative courses and multiple modalities to prepare students for industry demands, and use innovative technology for learning such as telepresence robots. Graduates find job opportunities in Alaska, and throughout the United States with placement rates as high as 90 to 100%.

Students learn from expert faculty who are recognized business and technology leaders, entrepreneurs, with a broad mix of executive and leadership experience in industry, in federal government and academia. They are recognized scholars, receive international recognitions, and serve on and Chair Boards of Directors and serve on Government Committees.

Graduate Degrees

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) provides students with the perspectives and skills needed to assume significant leadership and managerial roles. Through action-based learning students will learn the collaborative skills necessary to lead effective teams to success. Students will learn how to ask the right questions, to identify challenges, and generate solutions. With a thorough understanding of the underlying principles of business, students will graduate prepared to lead organizations to be adaptive to change, and realize success, in the complex global environment in which they operate.

The Master of Science in Global Supply Chain Management (MS GSCM) – Logistics and supply chain management is a trillion dollar industry in the US and is one of the strongest growing job sectors worldwide. As companies search for ways to more efficiently and effectively procure and distribute goods in a rapidly-changing, complex global business environment, educated professionals are needed to manage many segments of the global supply chain, from procurement to materials management to transportation and distribution of goods to managing the financial and information technology systems underlying it all. Having a graduate degree in supply chain management will expand students' employment opportunities in the global supply chain and, according to the Institute for Supply Management (ISM), will provide opportunities to earn 25 percent more than supply chain managers with bachelor's degrees.

Undergraduate Degrees

The BBA in Management – The study of management encompasses a variety of concepts and principles, including organizational theory, design, and development. These concepts are more relevant in a global context than ever before. The BBA in Management degree prepares students for career opportunities as managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and innovators in corporations, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. It provides opportunities for students to learn and develop real world skills such as understanding the concepts of organizational theory, design and development in a global context; study of human behaviors and interactions within an organization and the management of human resources of an organization. They learn effective negotiation strategies, conflict resolutions and arbitrations; how to create a strategic business plan; strategy formulation for managing the total organization in an ever-changing environment; tools to solve business challenges; and the value of ethics and social responsibility. In today’s environment, there is a growing need for management leadership with an understanding of the technology that is transforming industry and the management program meets these needs through courses in AI and Business Analytics. It also supports entrepreneurship and innovation through its Entrepreneurship Minor, the Certificate in Entrepreneurship, and the CBPP Business Plan Competition. Furthermore, the degree prepares students for graduate studies in management.

Weidner Center

The Weidner Property Management and Real Estate Program is one of only a handful of programs in the nation that offers a 4-year degree with dedicated curriculum focused on the management of real estate assets. In this program, students have the ability to complete a concentration in property management and real estate that in combination with CBPP’s core business curriculum, ensures that graduates are prepared to enter a competitive and innovative marketplace with the tools necessary to succeed. The placement rate for graduates from this program who apply for jobs is 100%. Some receive offers prior to graduation.

The BBA in Marketing prepares students for entry-level marketing positions in corporations, retail and non-profit organizations, and marketing consulting. Students gain knowledge in principles of marketing and marketing’s essential role in business and society. It provides an overview of marketers, institutions and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large. Students learn the process of planning and concept execution; pricing, promotion, and distribution of ideas, goods, and services in local, national and global markets; as well as designing, executing and analyzing social media and marketing research and analytics. Students study consumer behavior, branding and content strategies, marketing research methods, and analytics tools, which are useful in developing effective marketing strategies. Furthermore, this degree prepares students for graduate studies in marketing; students have been accepted at premier universities, such as Oxford, with full scholarships. The market coverage includes local, national, and global markets.

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The BBA in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management. Logistics in Alaska - Large, Diverse Challenging. Alaska, with its great size, abundant resources and strategic location, is a hub of multi-modal logistics activity. As a logistical gateway to the United States, Alaska plays a prominent role in the nation’s flow of international trade, and is the ideal location to study and understand logistics and supply chain management. Anchorage is positioned along the great circle route for U.S.- Asia air cargo. Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport is within 9.5 hours flying time of 90% of the industrialized world. It is one of the world’s busiest cargo airports and benefits from the most liberal air cargo transfer options allowed anywhere in the United States. The great circle route for ocean vessels, traveling the world’s busiest shipping lanes between U.S. West Coast and Asian ports, passes through or near the Aleutian Islands. The Alaska Marine Highway manages the nation’s most expansive network of ferries for the purpose of tourism and connecting many of Alaska’s water-locked coastal communities, and the world’s largest and most opulent cruise ships ply Alaska’s coastlines and dock at its ports. Our BBA in Global Logistics and Supply Chain Management was designed in collaboration with industry to meet the real-life needs of domestic and international businesses and is supported by numerous Anchorage business partners who realize the importance of the field. This degree offers students the opportunity to study in an exciting and critical business field in a location that is a logistical gateway to the United States. Whether your interest is in entry-level operations, mid-level management, or executive leadership we have the program to meet your career goals.

The AAS in General Business provides students with a general knowledge of entrepreneurship, human resource management, business law concepts, marketing, and financial statement analysis. Students will gain a better understanding of for profit and not for profit businesses, issues of social responsibility, business ethics, and forms of business ownership.

The AAS in Business Computer Information Systems (CIS) degree prepares students for diverse information systems careers in a flexible two-year associate degree program. It has a 100 percent job placement rate. Also, upon completion students can pursue a 4 year degree at UAA or another university.


The Alaska Native Business Management Minor prepares students for a unique segment of business in Alaska. Alaska Native corporations are an economic force in the state of Alaska and there is a need for business professionals educated in the culture and management practices of these organizations. This minor is for Alaska Native and non-Native students alike who plan to live and work in Alaska.

2020 Business Plan Competition Winners: Alaska Electric Scooters

The Entrepreneurship Minor. An entrepreneur identifies a need and starts an enterprise to fill that void. Entrepreneurs are creative problem-solvers who are driven to have a big impact on the world. The entrepreneurship minor offers the knowledge to transform your entrepreneurial ideas into reality whether you are looking to start your own business, grow an existing business, or seeking to take on business development, and drive change in a larger organization. Students learn how to recognize opportunities, formulate solutions, and deliver results. They will learn to network and create strategic business plans while developing skills in team-building, acquiring and managing resources and capitalizing on new opportunities. These skills are essential to starting new businesses, and valued by organizations seeking employees who can create and lead innovative new initiatives.

The International Business Minor. Whatever degree you’re considering or currently pursuing, our 18-credit International Business Minor is designed to give you that extra boost of knowledge you’ll need to be successful in an increasingly interconnected business world made up of numerous cultures, protocols, and business practices. Today’s employers are looking for university graduates with strong knowledge of international markets. They need help sourcing vendors, managing workforces, and connecting with customers; all of which are becoming more and more culturally diverse and spread over longer distances across numerous countries and continents.

The Real Estate Minor is a valuable way to augment your degree. It offers a collection of courses that introduce students to the many facets of real estate -- for both their professional and personal use. Topics include real estate management, lease agreements, real estate finance, and property law. Students can also earn state certification with the successful completion of BA A306 Real Estate Principles, meeting the pre-licensing education requirements for an Alaska Real Estate Salesperson License.


The Alaska Native Business Management Occupational Endorsement Certificate will prepare students for the unique business landscape in Alaska. The certificate provides students with the history, culture, and management practices of the Alaska Native corporation, their subsidiaries and non-profits and the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act of 1971, an Act that launched the largest land reclamation of Indigenous people in the entire nation.

The Business Leadership Occupational Endorsement Certificate provides general preparation for supervisory and leadership positions across a very wide array of industries and is a great step toward promotion or career advancement. Demand for front-line supervisors in office and administrative settings is extremely strong, with over 400 annual openings in the state and an average salary of more than $62,000.

The Graduate Certificate in Executive Leadership addresses an unmet need for professional development for executive business leaders or aspiring leaders in Anchorage. The certificate focuses on developing the crucial leadership skills and core competencies for individuals to unlock innovation and growth, create energy, urgency, and drive results to lead and catalyze organizational change. It will target those who serve in a senior or executive C-suite level or leadership team members in transition to this level in the public, private, or nonprofit sectors. In addition, this certificate may appeal to MBA students seeking evidence of leadership training to augment their degree as they progress through the master program to differentiate and provide a competitive advantage in the workplace.

The Business Analytics Occupational Endorsement Certificate helps students to acquire skills to meet workforce needs by preparing them for a high demand job area in Business Analytics that cuts across multiple areas: healthcare, finance, marketing, management, global supply chain management, and logistics to name a few.

The Entrepreneurship Occupational Endorsement Certificate. This provides a unique opportunity for students to develop a customized entrepreneurial approach enabling them to launch new ventures or to manage and grow small businesses. They will learn to network and create strategic business plans while developing skills in team-building, acquiring and managing resources and capitalizing on new opportunities.

The Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics and AI. The proliferation of data is transforming the way organizations do business and increasing the demand for persons who can harness it and change it into actionable decisions. This OEC prepares students to transform company data into actionable insights. They will develop skills for effectively gathering, analyzing, and applying information to improve decision-making, and increase organizational performance and competitiveness. The high demand for skills in Business Intelligence, Business Analytics, & Artificial Intelligence will grow exponentially over the coming decades. These highly transferable skills will enable students to shift careers across industry sectors or jumpstart a graduate degree.