Admission Requirements

Satisfy the Admission Requirements for Graduate Degrees.

Applicants must have a minimum of seven years of work experience in some function of logistics or supply chain management and a bachelor’s degree in any discipline. Exceptions to work experience may be made for individuals with a bachelor’s degree in logistics, supply chain management or a discipline composed of courses that are closely related to logistics and supply chain management.

In addition, applicants must provide two letters of recommendation, undergraduate degree transcripts, and must complete the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). The minimum acceptable GMAT score is determined by:

(Undergraduate GPA x 200) + GMAT score > 1050.

Conditional admission may be granted if the GMAT has not been completed but all other required information has been provided. However, the GMAT must be completed with the minimum acceptable score before the start of the third course in the program.

Applicants whose native language is not English are required to score at least 550 on the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL) or otherwise demonstrate competency in English.

How to Apply for Admission Online

  • To apply for admission online, go to (The application deadlines you will see on this page are UAA's general deadlines. The MS GSCM, due to its cohort-style delivery, requires the earlier deadlines on the reverse of this sheet.)
  • Next, click the "How to Apply" button, which will bring you to the instructions page. Use the online application.
  • Pay the $75 application for admission fee using a credit card at the time you apply. Otherwise the application will not download for processing.

How to Get Coded as an Alaska Resident

  • Although the MS GSCM tuition is the same for residents and nonresidents, UAA's registration system is set up to automatically assess nonresident tuition charges on all students who are not coded as residents.
  • If you are an Alaska resident: If you do qualify for Alaska residency by UAA's definition, use the resident tuition application form. You will find the address for submission printed on the form itself.
  • If you are NOT an Alaska Resident: UAA's registration system will automatically assess the nonresident tuition charge each semester, each time that you register. To get this corrected, you will need to email after registering each semester, and the CBPP Graduate Programs office will take care of getting the erroneous charge removed. If you register for extra classes which are NOT one of the five classes in the MS GSCM program, you will have to pay nonresident tuition on those extra classes.

How to Register Online

After you have been admitted to the MS GSCM, go to and log in to the secured area (first menu item). Use the ID and pin you created when you applied for admission. If you have trouble logging in, you can call the IT Help Desk at (907) 786-4646 for assistance and to have your pin reset.

  • Click "Student Services and Account Information" then "Registration," then "Register, Add/Drop Classes."
  • Select your term and click "Submit."
  • Enter the CRN number for the class in one of the boxes immediately above the "Complete Registration Changes" button.
  • Click "Complete Registration Changes."
  • Click "Return to Menu" at the top of the page.
  • Click "Registration Fee Assessment," where you can print your invoice for the semester.

You will be responsible for UAA's standard student fees, network charge and a lab fee each semester (which will appear on your invoice) in addition to the $6,660 in tuition charges for the 6-credit MS GSCM class.

Contact Janet Burton at the CBPP Graduate Office for full program information, including application forms and procedures.

Graduate Office
UAA College of Business and Public Policy
3211 Providence Drive, Anchorage, AK 99508 U.S.A.
Telephone: (907) 786-4171
Fax: (907) 786-4115