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Academic Progress Requirements

To maintain satisfactory progress toward the degree, a student in the MPP program is expected to complete a minimum of 6 semester credits each calendar year, starting with the first term of enrollment. The 6 semester credits may consist of either undergraduate prerequisite courses or graduate program courses.

Graduation Requirements


Program Requirements

PADM A601 Introduction to Public Administration and Policy 3
PADM A604 Research Methods in Public Administration 3
PADM A606 The Policymaking Process 3
PADM A628 Public Financial Management 3
ECON A625 Economics and Public Policy 3
Or PADM A688
Public Policy Analysis
Program Evaluation and Performance Measurement
PADM A650 Alaska Policy Studies 3
PADM A651 Issues in Arctic Policy 3
PADM A660 Public Policy Capstone A 3
PADM A661 Public Policy Capstone B 3
Advisor-approved graduate electives (2) 6
Total Credits 36

Academic Progress

A full-time student in the MPP program is expected to complete a minimum of 9 credits (or 6 in the final semester of coursework) applicable to the program per semester with a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Part-time students must complete at least 3 credits per semester and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0. Leaves of absence may not total more than four semesters.