SAS Data Mining Certificate

SAS Data Mining Certificate1

This is a College of Business and Public Policy (CBPP) and SAS Institute joint education program consisting of six graduate level courses. MBA students must complete 12 credit hours of core courses and 6 credit hours of business elective courses (many of the courses are also part of the requirements for the MBA degree). After successfully fulfilling the requirements, students qualify for the Data Mining Certificate jointly issued by SAS and CBPP. In addition to the coursework, the student must complete independently a data mining project, ideally based on a big real dataset, using SAS Enterprise Miner and give a public presentation of the project to general audiences.

Course Title Credits
BA A633 Problem Formulation and Decision Analysis 3
BA A648 Business Intelligence and Data Mining 3
BA A649 Advanced Business Data Analysis 3
CIS A670 Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence 3
Select two courses in different fields from the following (e.g. BA A636 and BA A635): 6


BA A686 Management Simulation
BA A655 Strategic Management Seminar


BA A636 Financial Decision Making


BA A640 Global Marketing
BA A635 Current Marketing Issues Seminar
Total Credits 18
1 All courses must be completed with grade B or higher.
For more information please contact program coodinator Dr. Yonggang Lu.