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Get On the Fast Track to a New Career.

The ARPA Fast Track program is providing eligible students up to $18,000 in assistance to earn an Occupational Endorsement Certificate (OEC)!

The College of Business and Public Policy has four OECs that qualify under the new ARPA Fast Track funding program: Bookkeeping, Business Analytics, Business Leadership and Entrepreneurship.

Why choose one of our OECs?

  • No college experience necessary.
  • Finish within 12-18 months.
  • The College of Business and Public Policy maintains strong ties with the business community. We know the types of skills and industries currently in demand, and we built our OEC programs around those.
  • We designed our OEC programs to be stackable. You can stop once you have your OEC, or you can move on to an additional degree (like an AAS or BBA). The credits you earned for the certificate can apply toward that advanced degree.
  • The business concepts you learn will be helpful and applicable, no matter your passion in life.

Act now!

ARPA program funding ends on December 31, 2023, so explore this opportunity ASAP.

Find out if you are eligible:

  1. You are resident of the Municipality of Anchorage (extending from Girdwood to Chugiak), and
  2. You are able to commit to a complete educational/training program, and
  3. You have not already completed substantial process (more than 50%) in your educational/training program, and
  4. You meet one of the following criteria:
    • You have been unemployed for any period since January 2020.
    • You have been determined to be economically disadvantaged.

Learn more about the Fast Track Career Certificates & Grant Program and get in touch with the Fast Track Navigator to explore eligibility further.

We offer four Occupational Endorsement Certificates that qualify under the new ARPA Fast Track funding program.

Bookkeeping (16 credits)

Everyone needs a good bookkeeper! Become an accounting clerk or technician, positions that are in very high demand. Learn to record and analyze accounting transactions, and gain experience with a computerized accounting program, such as QuickBooks Online. According to Salary.com, the average bookkeeper salary in Alaska in 2021 was more than $50,000 a year.


Business Analytics (18-19 credits)

Ride the wave to the future! Big tech is generating trillions of pieces of information every year, and businesses need people that know how to work with it. Learn to gather, analyze, visualize and interpret massive amounts of data. Glassdoor ranked data scientist/analyst #3 in “50 Best Jobs in America for 2020,” with a median salary of $107,801 a year. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts roughly 11.5 million new jobs in this field through 2026.


Business Leadership (16 credits)

Good leaders are in high demand. Get that next promotion with skills that apply in any field. Learn to manage and supervise, one of the top 10 most frequently requested skills in Anchorage job postings according to the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation (2019). There are 400+ openings in Alaska for front-line supervisors in offices and administrative settings each year, with an average salary more than $62,000!


Entrepreneurship (18 credits)

Not everyone wants a 9-to-5, but how do you get started building your own vision for a business of your own? Or maybe you want to develop your vision within the structure of an organization. This OEC helps you develop skills in team building, acquiring/managing resources, and capitalizing on new opportunities. Start your own business or join a number of organizations seeking employees to create and lead innovative new initiatives. 89% of Alaska employment growth results from new businesses! (UAA Center for Economic Development, 2018)

See a specific list of courses for each of these OECs.

The Big Picture

If you think you’re eligible, you’ll end up applying to three different programs:

  • ARPA Fast-Track grant program – to see if you’re eligible for these funds
  • UAA general admission – to become a UAA student (if you aren’t already)
  • A specific OEC program – to enroll in your OEC program of choice

What if you aren’t eligible?

Not everyone will be eligible for the ARPA Fast-Track funding. If that’s you, but you are determined to get retrained in one of our OEC programs, we want to encourage you to apply. There’s no better way to build your future than by investing in yourself. There are financial aid options and potential scholarships. Our Student Advising Center is happy to talk with you about our programs and to connect you with UAA’s Financial Aid office.